Beginning as a one-woman company, The Line By K originated when fashion blogger-turned-designer, Karla Deras, felt the need to share her personal designs with other women. Since its launch in spring of 2015, The Line By K has been a voice of self-love by providing high-quality pieces for any occasion without sacrificing the comfort to accomplish any task.

“What is especially admirable is a woman who does what she wants without asking for permission. The correct term for that is not confidence, because anyone can pretend to be confident. I’d like to think of this as being fearless. Being fearless is liberating. It’s not allowing others’ opinions of you to consume your mind. It’s being comfortable with who you are and owning that right. Being fearless is definitely easier said than done, but it’s a principle I strive to follow. The Line by K is my love letter to the women in my life who exemplify fearlessness, and an encouragement to the women who wear these pieces to feel the same.” – Karla Deras, Founder and Creative Director

Ethically made in Los Angeles, The Line By K offers elevated basics, crafted from premium textiles with distinctive details, made to accentuate the female figure.

The goal is to create a collection of pieces that compliment your favorite things in your wardrobe: Basics that aren’t basic. Although each design is created to be easy, elegant, and effortlessly sexy, it is more of a feeling they are trying to evoke when you wear their clothes. The Line By K believe clothing has the power to alter the way you carry yourself, and create with the intention that each piece can give you the confidence to take risks and do anything without seeking people’s approval.


The Line By K was a one woman company at the start.  Working alone can be a challenge - how did you keep yourself motivated on a daily basis?

Karla: I've actually always worked independently, I've never worked in a company or had any internships prior to the Line by K so what has been more of a challenge for me is working with a team, communicating effectively, and leading. It has actually been the biggest challenge for me thus far. I thought I knew how to communicate, but I had no idea until my brother joined the team and taught me the power of words and how they can affect the outcome of any given situation. I've learned so much about leadership, I am still learning, and of course I make mistakes; I just genuinely try to do better the next time. 

How did you go from fashion blogger to having your own fashion label?

Karla: I was making samples with my tailor and I just wanted to share that with other women. My dad invested in my idea and I registered for a DBA, signed up for a shopify account, found a contractor to help with the production process, a textile distributor that sold dead stock fabrics, and i just figured it out as I went.  No one in my family has worked in this industry before nor did I go to a major business school so most of what I’ve learned is from firsthand experience, asking questions, and failures. 

The Line By K designs have a nostalgic but modern 90s R&B/hip hop feel to them.  What goes into your design and inspiration process?
Karla: I look at thousands of images a week - from 1960s architecture to Cecily Brown and vintage editorials. I feel as though all of that visual inspiration lives inside my brain, so my designs are simply a compilation of abstract inspirations. I don't know how to sketch, so with the help of my amazing pattern maker, I am able to translate my ideas into reality.

Your personal style has always stayed true through the years, be it your color palette or the way you style your outfits. How would you define the way you dress, and who are your personal style muses?
Karla: I dress according to a mood or a visual reference I want to channel - whether it be a Helmut Newton photo, or a cheesy 90s film. I don't have any particular style muses, I just love women who have a very distinct look and carry it effortlessly.

What’s next for The Line By K? Any styles you’d love to reinvent and make fresh again?
Karla: We'll continue creating elevated basics, but also expand the TLK collection which consists of more exclusive, detailed designs: tap shorts made in heavy satins, silk jersey bodysuits, and lurex two-piece sets for the holidays.

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