BEHIND THE BRAND with Danielle from Ena Pelly

Ena Pelly is a contemporary fashion brand with a unique DNA that fuses understated ease with a modern, tightly edited approach to style.

What started as a family-owned Australian fashion label remains so today.  Founders Danielle Pelly and Tim Wilkins both work closely with the team across every facet of the business to ensure a thoughtfully curated product offering and seamless customer experience.  The brand was named after Danielle’s grandmother, Ena. A woman with a strong personality and passion for life, not only was Ena a force to be reckoned with but she was renowned for her effortless style which heavily influenced Danielle’s from a young age, which eventually led her to a career in fashion.

As Danielle and Tim embark on an exciting journey of worldwide growth, they maintain a strong appreciation for their beginnings and a commitment to the brand's fundamental values.  It was a pleasure to chat with Danielle about what goes on 'Behind the Brand'.


Three words that define the Ena Pelly brand?

Effortless dressing, sustainable, quality.

Where did the idea for Ena Pelly come from?

Ena Pelly started over dinner at home in Torquay, Victoria with my husband Tim.  I needed a creative outlet and what better way than to put my fashion training to use. I had spotted a gap in the market for high quality, affordable leather jackets.  Next thing we knew the brand Ena Pelly (named after my grandma) was born and we were selling the Classic Biker Jacket at the South Melbourne Markets. 

At 10am I am usually:

I'm usually well into my day at 10am; probably with second coffee in hand attending a range or design meeting with the EP team.

Daily necessity:

Coffee! Haha!  I’m sure this is majority of peoples. A little kick start to the day.

How would you describe your personal style:

Modern, yet timeless. I’m all for easy dressing however I do like to stay on top of trends but keep it simple.  If I need to elevate a look adding a textured piece and/or a cool pair of sneakers is my go-to.

Favorite Ena Pelly product currently:

We have just launched the final chapter, EP x RE with Renee Enright and I would have to say I am all about the Steph Oversized Coat in charcoal.  You can throw it over your gym gear or dress it up for a night out. Very versatile and has quickly become a staple for me.=

Winter or Summer:

Oh this is a hard one.  I do love jumping on a board at the snow but I can’t pass up a sun soaked afternoon somewhere tropical or in my backyard by the pool.

Best part of my job:

Seeing people wear Ena Pelly “in the wild”.  Nothing better than getting to see what the team and I have created being loved by our customers. 

Worst part of my job:.

Doing the cashflow.  Unfortunately, the numbers are a necessary evil.  I have come to realise that the more I stay on top of this side of the business the more I get to focus on what I love, the design!

How I stay motivated:

This is a good question!  I really love the design process.  Seeing it unfold and flourish keeps me engaged and motivated.  I love being a part of the journey and then being able to see our customers and the EP team enjoying wearing it.

My top distraction is:

A great story! I love telling them and I love hearing them even more.     

Soundtrack in the office:

Taylor Swift is currently trending!

Snacks on hand:

Tuna and rice!  I always have a can of tuna and microwave rice on hand.  It’s a quick meal and gives me an energy boost between meetings. Yum yum!

When I’m not in the office, I am:

Spending time with my baby girl, Olivia, and husband Tim.  Family time is important to me.  They are my backbone, motivation, and happiness.  Without them and their support I wouldn’t get to do what I love. 

Advice I would give my younger self:

Set a goal and stay focused.  Don’t allow outside noise and opinions skew your idea, nurture it, feed it and grow it. It’s yours to drive!

Current Muse:

Hailey Bieber

Brands I admire:

I love Isabel Marant, Acne and of course Ena Pelly.


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