Frank Green

Frank Green isn’t a person, it’s a philosophy.
They are frank about living green.
Frank Green started with a simple, honest approach to sustainability - to reduce single-use plastic waste by reimagining cups and bottles.
Now, it’s their mission to create lifestyle solutions that are built to last and great for the planet. To achieve this, they create beautifully-designed, functional and multi-award-winning products that you’ll love to use, and re-use, over and over and over again.

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Frank Green Australia

The latest Frank Green products! Frank Green – do you have it?

Frank Green had its humble beginnings with a simple and honest approach to sustainability - the reduction of single-use plastic waste through the reimagining of cups and bottles. The brand's mission has since evolved to focus on creating durable, environmentally-friendly lifestyle solutions. They achieve this by crafting beautifully-designed, functional, and multi-award-winning products that promote reusability, aligning with their goal of empowering individuals to make sustainable choices daily for a better, greener future.

Where Frank Green started

The origin story of Frank Green dates back to 2014, but the concept had been brewing since the 1990s. The founder, Benjamin Young, spent his childhood afternoons by the river, cherishing moments of fishing and skipping stones, akin to Huckleberry Finn. However, his paradise was marred whenever rain brought a deluge of plastic water bottles and cups downstream, tarnishing the beauty of the river. The realisation that every piece of plastic ever produced still persists in the environment deeply affected him, motivating him to take action to halt its destructive course.

Two decades later, as an executive overseeing major mergers in Australia, Ben Young recognized an opportunity to address the plastic crisis that had haunted him since childhood. Leveraging his extensive experience in devising and implementing business strategies, he set out to invent a reusable coffee cup. Initially met with skepticism from colleagues who believed disposables were too convenient, Ben was determined to prove them wrong. His primary goal for the following three years was to create a product that was not only aesthetically appealing but also enhanced the drinking experience, saved money for cafes, and could be easily carried and washed at home. He firmly believed that people would opt for his invention over disposable cups.

His design process was characterised by thorough research and meticulous refinement, ultimately resulting in multi-award-winning reusable cups and bottles that have gained popularity worldwide and garnered the affection of millions. Ben's dedication to ending the use and production of single-use plastic products has only intensified over time.

Love design. Hate waste.

Today, Frank Green's core mission revolves around providing sustainable solutions to the single-use plastic dilemma. They continue to produce innovative, beautifully designed products that people cherish, fostering a culture of reusability. Shop online with Threads Australia and access all the latest arrivals and bestsellers. View the range which includes their popular Frank Green reusable water bottles, coffee cups, containers, pet products, lids, straws, gift kits, parts and other accessories.

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