BEHIND THE BRAND with Mel from Threads

Behind every great designer, collection or wardrobe is an ever present but yet unexplainable quality. Detail, inspiration, dedication and talent are all the essential ingredients, but it’s always a certain perspective or style that pulls everything together.

That’s what Threads is all about.

We pull together the latest high-end fashion labels and trends together all in one place to help you complete your style.

Threads was built on the perfect combination of modern day business and a contemporary eye for fashion. Since 2010 we’ve weaved in impeccable customer service and hand-picked collections to deliver you the ultimate online experience.

With our first Behind the Brand series, we introduce you to Mel King, the woman behind Threads.


Three words that define the Threads brand:

Community, personal and curated.

Where did the idea for Threads come from:

My husband and Co-Founder David. He asked me one day if I could do anything in the world, what would it be?! I said to him that I’d love to own a business in fashion. I have enjoyed all things fashion since like forever. I would watch Fashion TV religiously when I was little, a magazine addiction (which is actually a family thing) and I was always drawing designs on scrap pieces of paper. So, he said, let’s do it as you only live once. He is my biggest cheerleader in life.

At 10am I am usually:

At the office checking on what orders are being dispatched, checking emails, Zoom meeting for viewings. No two days are the same.

I have had a daily planner where I like to write lists every day for myself or notes when I’m on the phone. Even in this current world of technology, I still revert to the old school way of writing things down.

Daily necessity:

Coffee. Water. Wine – in that order.

How would you describe your personal style:

Minimalistic. My style is simple, classic with an edge. I like to mix and match classic pieces whether it be a blazer over a dress with sneakers or a nice heel with jeans and trench coat. Oh, but it has to be comfortable, life is too busy for anything else!

Favourite piece currently:

My Acler Evelyn dress in Pink Confetti. It’s feminine, sophisticated with a bright pop of color. I pair it with sneakers for an everyday look or throw on some heels for a more elevated evening outfit.

Winter or Summer:

No brainer, Summer all the way!

Best part of my job:

Our customers! I get such a thrill when we receive emails or messages thanking us for our service and how much they love their new outfit. Last Christmas we even had one of customers send us a Christmas card with a beautiful message saying how much she loved THREADS. We are here because of them.

Worst part of my job:

Not having enough hours in the day.

How I stay motivated:

For the love of THREADS. I love every aspect of the business and it puts a smile of my face each and every day. Life is good.

My top distraction is:

My phone. It is full of all sorts of notifications…calls, messages, emails.

Soundtrack in the office:

Ministry of Sound: The Annual 2021. Otherwise, those that know me well understand that I am a rocker at heart.

Snacks on hand:

I am actually not a snacker. But I can never go past Movie popcorn if given the opportunity, it gets me every time! I do tend to stick to meals which for me is lunch and dinner. Although I can never go past cheese and bread!

When I’m not in the office, I am:

Running around doing the never-ending list of errands and spending time with our family. Family time is everything to David and I so it’s important that our children are our main focus at all times. Family comes first.

Along with my husband, we do go to the gym at least 3x a week and love our long walks.

Advice I would give my younger self:

In life - Trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to speak up when you sense something is not right.

In business – plan, plan, plan and always look at the bigger picture.

Current Muse:

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Victoria Beckham and Georgia Fowler.

Designers I admire:

Camilla Freeman-Topper from Camilla & Marc. Kathryn Forth and Julia Ritorto from Acler.


"Threads lives in the spaces that pull any great design, collection or piece together. We live for everything that goes on behind the scenes, between the seams and even the unseen inspirations that complete every look."

Mel King

Threads Co-Founder



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